I don’t expect an unrepentant enemy to step into 2018 with me – Elo-Oghene Matilda

A prayer tweet from a popular church which read: ‘Any relative or anyone blocking your way, if they don’t repent,they won’t see the new year’, sparked serious argument among Nigerians and celebrities over the weekend.  The big question on today’s HOT topic discussion was; Is it right for a Christian to pray for his/her to die? See how the ladies reacted!

The ladies of #YourViewTVC addressed the issue from different perspective, while some were in support, others were against it.
#YourViewTVC co-host, Elo-Oghene Matilda who made her debut on the show, hit the nail on the head. She said;



“There was a clause – ‘if the person refuses to repent, he/she won’t see the new year.’ Why would my enemies refuse to repent? I’m not expecting anyone wishing me bad to step into 2018 with me. The truth is, if you are wishing me bad or blocking my progress and you do not want to repent i don’t want you to step into 2018 with me”
Jumoke was of the strong opinion that God promised us in the bible that He’s going to fight our battles for us that we need not to curse anyone.
“The bible says bless those that persecute you, that in doing this you heap coals of fire on them. I’m even afraid to bless my enemies sometimes because I know God deals with them when I bless them.”
We are Christians and we’re suppose to live like Christ! Would Jesus Christ curse his enemy to die or pray for them?
In opposition to Jumoke’s point, Morayo quote the scripture:
“It is that same bible that tells us in Ephesians 6:12 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places. may you not have enemies that will do everything to pull you down”
However, Jumoke commented that no one is spiritually strong to curse any spirit.
“you are not spiritually strong enough to curse any spirit, what you should ask for is the spirit of God.
Nyma Akashat added:
“According to the quran the Almighty God says’my wrath comes after my message’meaning that while you are here as long as there is repentance and forgiveness his wrath is after everything on the day of judgement. we put our clerics in the position of God forgetting that they are completely human and can get easily provoked”
I’m talking across all religions now. Pastors/Imams are human beings like us. I personally think that whenever you have a challenge, you should talk to God and ask him to fight for you. Don’t curse!
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