Happiness is suppose to be a result not a prescription – Ahiaba Eneh

Following the uproar that has trailed the appointment of Mrs.Ogechi Ololo who happens to be the younger sister to Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha,as the commissioner for happiness in imo state, the Governor has come out to say that 89 percent of Nigerians are unhappy”.

Today on YourView TVC the ladies critically examined this issue with #YourViewAuditions co-host, Ahiaba Eneh who made her debute on the show.

Commenting on the HOT topic, Eneh said;

“Happiness is suppose to be a result not a prescription, if you are saying your goal is to make people happy at the end of the day as a governor you are suppose to be the commissioner for happiness by providing social amenities. When you provide social amenities like good roads,good jobs and so on Nigerians will be happy”


“You can not say you are going to help me become happy.what will make me happy is different from what will make you happy”


“If at all Okorocha’s goal is to make everybody happy, that’s fine, but I disagree with the ministry there is no point in having a ministry”

Yeni Kuti was firm in her arguments saying without the commissioner for happiness, Nigeria is the 6th happiest country in Africa.

She said: “Our leaders do not like to do independent things, we like to copy because Dubai and Abu Dhabi have commissioner for happiness we decided to have ours too. Without commissioner of happiness, Nigerian is the 6th happiest country in Africa and in the whole world Nigeria ranks 103. we are up to 103 without everything being right, this means that if everything is right we will be number 1”.

Morayo was in support of Rochas Okorocha’s decision she said;

“With all the good social amenities in Abu Dhabi, they still have minister of happiness. it’s not about only social amenities, there is a possibility that you need a minister of happiness to ensure that every knook and crannies of the society is happy”.

Nyma however justified Morayo’s point saying;

“People have lots of reasons why this minitry will be useful to them. Mrs Ogechi Ololo is like a counsellor, she will make the Governor focus more on areas in the society that people complain more about.”

What do you think?

Watch Ahiaba Eneh’s comment on the HOT topic below:


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