“I don’t have offers to go out on dates” – Bisola Aiyeola

EX BBN contestant, actor and singer, Bisola Aiyeola reveals that being a single Mother has been a little bit difficult for her.

While in a discussion with the ladies on YourViewTVC, she explained that it’s not been easy being a single mother and that she has not been out on dates for a while.

She said:

“As a single mom, it’s sort of difficult. I did’t want to be like my mother in some areas of training, but at some point I had to be like her to my daughter. I hang out with my girlfriends a lot, but I don’t have offers to go out on dates. I ask my girlfriends ‘did I use something to block my ‘dateble’ radar that they are not getting the signals… (she laughs). My daughter can’t say ‘I know this is my mom’s boyfriend’ or so’. No boyfriend, and my mom doesn’t put pressure on me to get married.”

Bisola also mentioned that she was raised solely by her Mother and most of her creativity came from her.

” My mom raised me, women naturally are nurturers. I grew up with my mother. My mom was both my Mother and Father. Most of my creativity came from my Mother and my mom’s family. We are mimickers. I did my song ‘Luchia’ to celebrate my Mother.”

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