#WakeUpNigeria Kitchen Corner: How to prepare ‘Avocado Bacon Salad and Garlic Butter Steak

Eating good meal add lot of health benefits to our life! Today on #WakeUpNigeria Doctor and Chef Ugo in company of Emem, prepared the Avocado Bacon Salad and Garlic Butter Steak. See recipe below:

Ingredients :-
* Avocado
*Parmesan Cheese
*Cherry Tomatoes
*Caesar Dressing
*Ribeye Steak
*Groundnut Oil
*Black Pepper
*Seasoning Cubes
Cooking process:-
*season steak on both sides with salt,black pepper and seasoning cubes
*rub the seasoning in on both side
*pre-heat oven
*put in the oven for about 20 minutes
*put a fresh fry pan over heat
*add oil and allow oil to get hot
*put steak
*add butter,rosemary and thyme
*allow to fry for about 1 min
*slice steak in a plate
To prepare the salad,
*put lettuce in a fresh bowl
*add avocado,cherry tomatoes,bacon,croutons
*grate parmesan cheese inside
*mix together
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