Video: I teach the doctrine that sets you free at no cost – Daddy Freeze

The leader of the #FreeTheSheeple movement, Daddy Freeze has revealed that he brings a doctrine that sets people free without taking their money.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Yomi Owope on TVC’s entertainment show, #WakeUpNigeria, Daddy Freeze says he stands for the truth, and he’s under attack because he comes with a contrast to the popular opinion.

I come with a challenge to what the popular opinion has always been. I try to challenge conventional wisdom, especially with fact. Unfortunately, we’re all entitled to our emotions, sentiments, feelings, but we’re not entitled to our facts.


We can’t take all the facts and expect them to work in our modern day society, but we can’t just shove these facts under the carpet.

Daddy Freeze explained that he’s set to free Christians from years of indoctrination. In his explanation, he said;

The free doctrine is what I teach and that’s what I preach. I’m setting people free from years of indoctrination. For example; Switzerland has a minimum wage of 2.5 million naira and Switzerland has less than 20 churches, 4th roundabout in Lekki has 20 churches.


It doesn’t make sense. We’re about to overtake India with the people living in extreme poverty. We can’t fool ourselves anymore, what we have as the church system is not working.

Touching on the area of tithes, Freeze questioned the fact that since we’re children of Abraham and we’re suppose to do the things Abraham did, why don’t we offer burnt offering as Abraham did in the bible?

Speaking further, Daddy Freeze shared his opinion on Christmas. He said:

I don’t have a problem with Christmas celebration, but let’s keep Jesus out of it because Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th of December. Christmas is a human tradition that has started replacing what God intended us to do. We’re suppose to celebrate Christ in our everyday living.”

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