A woman doesn’t need a man to be happy ~ Bolanle Olukanni

Popular TV presenter, Bolanle Olukanni,  joined the ladies of #YourViewTVC to discuss the hot topic of the day: “Can a woman be happy without a man?”

She started by saying marriage means inviting someone that will add value to her life. She further explained that happiness comes from within and no one else is responsible for your happiness;
I’m very big on being content by myself and i have learnt the art of being content without external factors”
Morayo on the other hand, opined that humans were created to have companionship. She was of the believe that too much international exposure is what makes most ladies in recent times, feel they can be happy without a man.
Bolanle, while stating the cause of many failed marriages said:
You have people who believe that they can’t be happy until they get married and when they eventually get married they are still not happy then the marriage doesn’t work out. We have to understand that married or not, happiness comes from within.”
Bolanle who is also the founder of God’s Wives, a foundation created to advocate, empower and motivate the needs of widows in the communities, revealed that the foundations has empowered about 75 women
The foundation focuses mainly on women who have lost their husbands, it is called ‘Gods wives foundation’. At the end of 2016, I started working with an NGO called the self worth organisation and it’s an NGO that works with widows. We opened an empowerment center where, we have empowered about 75 women, we trained them in makeup, tailoring and catering. This group of women come together to talk about the challenges they face which includes financial challenges, so the empowerment centre trains them to make income for themselves without depending on others”
She concluded by saying that although she is looking forward to getting married to the right man, she is enjoying her single  life at the moment.
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