A better way to detoxify the body with Dr. Vivian Oputa

For glowing and healthy looking skin, we must begin to take extra care of our body both inside and outside.

Dermatologist, Dr Vivian Oputa was on #WakeUpNigeria, to educate us on how to detoxify the body for a healthier skin.

Dr Vivian said;
The skin is the largest organ of the body and it reflects well being. What ever you consume will reflect on your skin.”
In her discussion with Yomi and Titi, she explained that refined sugar, flour and processed foods should be avoided. Dr Vivian further emphasized that refined carbohydrate foods should also be totally avoided.

There are foods that are not good for your health, foods like refined carbohydrates such as flour and refined sugar. Also coffee could cause aging because of the caffeine content. Alcohol is not also allowed when you are detoxifying, it should be consumed in moderation because it ages the skin as well.
For those who often times think that detoxifying the skin is quiet expensive, here’s good news. Dr Vivian revealed that;
Detoxing the body is not an expensive process,some people think you need to go to the spa,but the thing is you could detox your body by fasting ,drinking a lot of water and taking fresh fruits and vegetables”.
In her conclusion she said water and green tea are very good as they helps a lot in detoxifying the body.
Now we are aware, let’s practice as well!
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