Men seek excitement elsewhere when the marriage is boring ~ Dr. Tolu on #YourViewTVC

It was an intriguing moment on today’s episode of #YourViewTVC as relationship expert/marriage counselor, Dr. Tolu Oko-Igaire joined the ladies in their intense discussion of the hot topic ‘ What does the mistress do that the wife doesn’t do?’
Dr. tolu divulged that men who cheat, do it because they want to. According to her;

Any man that cheats does it because he wants to cheat, so nobody is responsible for that except than the man. Everybody wants to be happy and people bend towards where there is excitement, so if you make the man’s life boring, he is going to look for the excitement somewhere else. It’s about having a life that is constantly active and exciting.”


She went on to explain that marriage takes a lot of work, adding that women need to strategize ways to ensure that their husbands are happy;

When people come for therapy, I tell them there is no automatic answer. You need to work, you can’t just sit back, fold your arms and expect it to take care of itself. Once a week you should look back and analyse your marriage, look at the next steps and strategies to apply. Plan your marriage.”


Jumoke supported to Dr. Tolu’s point by saying;

You don’t need to look artificial to be attractive to your husband. He met you the way you are and married you out of all the women he saw, but what extra thing are you doing to keep your spouse interested? You have to be sensitive to what he likes and learn to adjust.”

In concluding, Dr. Tolu advised wives to ensure that they always look appealing to their husbands. She said:

The truth of the matter is that wives need to package themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, there are dresses that fits your shape. There is a way a plus sized woman will dress and a man will take a second look at her. It’s all about working with what suits you. You need to make an effort.”

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