African migrants caught hiding underneath a car while trying to sneak into Europe

Suspected migrants were found hiding in a car’s boot, while another was found under the bonnet, another lady was reportedly found under the dashboard while trying to cross into Spanish North African territory of Melilla.

The Spanish Police has uncovered yet another illegal means African migrants use to get into Europe.

This incident was said to have led the driver and passenger in the car detained.

Reports have it that the two police officers involved in catching the four suspected migrants had to be treated for injuries, one after taking a blow to the knee, the other after being hit in the hand.



The plot was uncovered by two policemen as they tried to stop the car which sped through security controls, before the driver and his passenger dumped it outside a petrol station and fled.

Melilla and Ceuta, another Spanish enclave nearly 250 miles away on the north coast of Africa which has only two land borders between Africa and the European Union are often used as entry points into Europe for African migrants.


Over the years, thousands of migrants have attempted to cross the 7.5-mile frontier between Melilla and Morocco, or the 5-mile border at Ceuta, by climbing the border fences, swimming along the coast or hiding in vehicles.

Spain is increasingly targeted by people keen to reach Europe from Africa, with the number of migrants getting into the country in 2017 hitting a record high of nearly 22,900, according to EU border agency Frontex.

This was more than double the previous record set in 2016.

Recall that in 2017, twelve African immigrants were caught hiding under a train near the Austrian border, in a bid to sneak into Europe illegally.

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