#WakeUpNigeria: Jimi Tewe speaks on ‘time management’

CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm, Jimi Tewe was on #WakeUpNigeria today, to discuss effective time management and it’s importance.

It’s the beginning of the year and people have big plans and things they want to achieve at the end of the year, hence effectively managing every 24hr circle is crucial for every individual with goals and ambitions. According to Jimi Tewe;
If we are going to have people with outstanding results in 2018, people need to say to themselves “look am not going to fool myself any longer, I have to do what I have to do irrespective of how I feel”
Jimi added that time management is all about the individual rather than the time;
You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself within time. What this means is that your efficiency on how you use your time will determine your output at the end of the day”
People often wonder how effectiveness and productivity, make an impact when it comes to time management and achieving their goals,  According to Jimi
In explaining the pillars of time management, he said:
One of the pillars of time management is perspective, the second is in term of principle, and the third is practices. Perspective is how you view time, there is a difference between saying you want to do something in 3 months and saying you want to do it in 90days. 90 days seems closer than 3 months. Principles mean you have to prioritize, you can’t do everything you want to do but, there are some things you must do”
In conclusion he advised that individuals need to persevere and stay focused to their goals;
Sometimes we feel tired, but what we need to know is that we need to do what we have to do. We need to stop procrastinating”
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