‘Side chicks VS wives’; Hot topic on #YourViewTVC (Part 2)

It was a heated conversation today on #YourViewTVC  as the ladies continued their discussion of last week’s hot topic: ” What do side chicks offer that wives don’t?’. The ladies decided to invite men on the show to air their own opinion on the issue and discuss ‘why men are more attracted to side chicks  than their women’.

According to Seun Idowu , men are attracted to side chicks because their wives can’t satisfy them sexually;
An average man produces one thousand five hundred sperm per second, so in a day he produces about two hundred and ninety million sperm cells. A man must get the sperm off his body, women should understand the biological nature of a man. Men and women are not equal sexually, men get uncomfortable when they don’t release the sperm however most of their wives can’t accommodate the sexual pressure that comes from them. This is why most men prefer the side chick who is ever ready to satisfy them”
Tope Odigie tackled Seun Idowu. In her argument she says a man should be able to control himself and the fact that he produces sperm cells every second shouldn’t make him act like a ‘DOG’
We must preach self control, men are ridiculously labelled as dogs, but they are not. The fact that they produce millions of sperm cell doesn’t mean they should prefer side chicks. Men are not animals, there’s a part of their brain that gives them self control, they should control themselves”
However Seun replied Tope by saying;
Women don’t understand what goes on with the men. A man can decide to control himself but his biology will not give him the chance”
Nyma agreed with what Seun said saying;
No matter how controlled a man is, he can get to a point of weakness, and according to Islam, God himself understood and said, if you get to that point of weakness marry the side chick”
Obiajulu in turn opined that men often compare their wives to other ladies and this leads them to cheat;
According to the bible, God’s intention is one man one woman, one of the reasons they say sex shouldn’t be before marriage is so the man and the woman can start the journey together and learn together so they can be contended. These days the man would have tested different ladies before he finally settle down with one and later on he will start comparing his wife with the women he had slept with”
There is a common notion that side chicks are always ‘hot’. They know how to get their appearances on point but the wife on the other hand is always seen looking all ‘normal’ without the slightest hint of desperation to look super hot getting comfortable with her position and becoming lazy after a while. Funmi Adewon was of the opinion that wives push their husbands to the side chick because they dont pay attention to appearance. According to her;
There is nothing a man is looking for in a side chick that his wife doesn’t have. Wives after getting married and having children lack presentation and strategy, they forget how they package themselves when they were single which made their husbands get attracted to them, they assume that the man is now theirs and they do not need to package themselves”
WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/3RuaKYdlhTM

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