Williams Uchemba speaks on why he shows his act of giving on social media

Child actor, comedian and singer, Williams Uchemba who started the #givechallenge has revealed why he publicizes his acts of philanthropy on social media. It was a hilarious as well as exciting time on entertainment splash today as Williams co-hosted the show with the delightful Honeypot.


In the course of the show, Williams reacted to people who have condemned him for posting videos of his philanthropic acts on social media. He responded by saying;

The project is about seeing how many people we can get off the streets. The reason I put it out is to encourage others to give and it has inspired a lot of people both here and abroad to give. So if what people call showing off is inspiring others to give then everyone should show off”

Recall that Williams had earlier in the year revealed that his life and that of his family were under spiritual attack for giving to the poor, today on the show he also spoke on what inspired him to start the #GiveChallenge, he said;

When i came into the country, I was driving from the airport and I saw a man in his late 60s trying to chase after a car to sell ice cream and a bus came from behind and hit him, killing him on the spot right in front of me. What came to my mind was that this man shouldn’t have even been on the streets. That got to me and I was thinking of how many people we can put off the streets”

The comedian/singer who recently released his music video, spoke of his first love, saying that he had always had a passion for music even before he went into acting;

Music has been my first love even before acting. I’ve always loved to sing but unfortunately acting took over, although I am multi-talented in the world of entertainment”


Williams while speaking on his works he said;

When I watch my videos I see things that I should have done better, corrections I should have made and I haven’t been acting in feature films because I am the deputy Nigerian youth representative to the UN and it takes the chunk of my time”



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