Linda Ikeji’s influence got me only 20k followers on Instagram ~ Laura Ikeji Kano

Fashion entrepreneur and sister to famous blogger, Linda Ikeji, Laura Ikeji Kanu in an exclusive interview with the ladies of #YourViewTVC, revealed that being Linda Ikeji’s sister isn’t what got her to where she is today.

Laura who is married to Former Nigerian Footballer, Nwakwo Kanu’s brother, Ogbonna Kanu, opened up about how she was able to get out of her sister shadows and establish her own brand. she said;

The most being Linda Ikeji’s sister got me is 20k followers, but companies want organic followers and getting to over 600k followers, I did myself. I had to keep my followers entertained, some time I am really not in the mood but I know that putting up the dances will keep my followers and bring more followers. I look up to my sister a lot, Linda is a goal getter, she is very passionate about what she does.”

She went on to describe how she makes money from social media, responding to controversies that have trailed her concerning posts on her social media accounts. According to her;

I am a young woman in Lagos trying to make a living from being happy and from being an entrepreneur. A lot of people do not understand what i do on Instagram, I take pictures and I dance but I make money from doing those stuff. Majority my posts on Instagram are sponsored.”

While speaking on her book “How to make money on Instagram’ she disclosed what she went through in her journey to becoming a fashion blogger;

When I actually started, I was buying a lot of clothes from boutiques, they weren’t giving me free clothes, I would buy them and say- oh I got these from this store, get from this store’. It was just the way I said it, even though I didn’t like the outfit. Then the store owners were always calling to tell me how much they were selling. Now, you have to pay me to wear  your clothes and post it on Instagram and I get to keep

the cloths too.”

While discussing the hot topic ‘step parenting’ with the ladies, Laura described her relationship with her step children as ‘a blissful one’, saying that she loves them and they love her too. She said;

My step kids are young adults, we play like we are friends. I commend their mum.

Every time I go to London, my step-kids come to live with us, they are very well trained

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