#Hottopic on #YourViewTVC: The senate is not meant for youths~ Jonah Jang

Former plateau state governor, Jonah Jang said that the Nigerian senate is not meant for young people who do not have political pedigree and experience. Jang who is over 70 years old said this during a TV program.

We have to ask how has the Nigerian youths projected themselves such that a senator can say they cannot be part of the Nigerian senate? This is the questions that got the ladies of #YourViewTVC in an intense conversation in the #Hottopic segment of the show. Nyma started by looking deeper into the message, she said;

Lets take the subject of the matter as he has said it, he was talking about pedigree, experience, Jonah Jang is presently facing criminal charges, He is being investigated by the EFCC, he doesn’t have pedigree. The business of the national assembly is legislative, its not such a difficult job that you need experience to do. What you need is a proper background, probably in law, public relations, public policy making and all that. When you get into office there is a training that they do, even the Jonah Jang took part in it right after the elections when they go into training in legislative matters. There is no rocket science about it that you need 10 years of experience.

Morayo while trying to balance the conversation, said;

We keep attacking the messenger and not the message, understand the message”

Obiajulu shared her opinion of the matter by saying;

The reason why it seems like the youths are not ready for leadership is the fact that the longevity of the people in office will not give the youth opportunity to get into politics. The political scenario in Nigeria is too expensive for the youths to get into.

The Nigerian youths have not been able to stand up and take their position. We have been bedeviled by the get rich syndrome where everybody wants to just hammer, nobody is standing up to work and set track records for themselves”

Yeni was not left out of the conversation, she responded to Obiajulu by saying;

This is where the elders are responsible because the youths are looking up to the elder who have hammered, a lot of the hammering is questionable so the youth too want to hammer questionably too. Everybody wants to copy, so the elders are responsible, so that when the youth see them, they are men of decorum, honor and integrity.

The conversation ended with Obiajulu saying;

The youths should stand up to their responsibilities.

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