Prostitute gets a plot of land for retiring with a clean record

A 49-year-old prostitute, Sarah Mutero who retires 23 years after active sexual intercourse with thousands of men, receives a land as retirement benefit.

Sarah Mutero a Kenyan from Embu, Nairobi city centre serviced 20 or more men in her youthful age when she had strength.

According to her, she was only able to service 4 customers daily when age set in.

“It’s not easy to satisfy that big amount of customers, and some of these men are ruthless.

“We earn peanuts and we end up poor. Everything I earned from servicing men went to clothes shelter and food for my children.” She said. She futher commented that sex business, pricing is dertermined by standards and location.

Stanley Ngara who’s spearheading the programme to retire sex workers, says sex workers play important role in fighting HIV/Aids.

He said: “Men will seek sex in all ways, but when it comes to sex workers it is a different game. They don’t accept intercourse without condoms however much men insist to pay more for unprotected sex. Society has a negative perception of sex workers but in reality, they are in the front line in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases,” said Ngara.”

Sarah has received a parcel of land worth Sh120,000, which is about $1,500. Some well wishers also promised to build her a house after ditching the trade with a clean record.

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