Tech tips: how to track your missing android phone

So you’ve lost your phone or you dont know where exactly you put it and its on silence, we have all been there. It could be forgotten somewhere between your couch, or maybe it’s been stolen. Learn how to locate your misplaced or stolen android phone.

Tech expert, David Olumuyiwa Dada revealed simple steps that can be taken in locating that missing phone on #WakeUpNigeria.

Step 1- Go to
Step 2- Inpute your gmail address
Step 3- Impute your password, when you log in a map is presented to you of the precise location of your phone.

Other features:

*It doesn’t matter whether the location is on as long as the phone is on and there is internet access.

*If your phone is on silence, you can click on the sound option and it will ring out for 5mins

*You can also lock your phone as well as erase all the contents of the phone remotely

*The highlight of this is that you can track your phone in real time, i.e if your phone is moving you can see it.

Pretty amazing!

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