Weight loss: myths and facts with Kris Ero

Weight loss is a battle that a lot of people can identify with, there are however truths as well as myths that follow how to go about weight loss, sometimes making it a more difficult journey.

Child and family wellness coach, Kris Ero joined Yomi on #WakeUpNigeria to debunk the myths associated with weight loss thereby helping cut through the confusion for better results.

One of the myths associated with weight loss is that you have to spend long hours at the gym to burn all the fat, Kris reveals this not to be true, she said;

When you do wellness, it is no just one thing that makes you well. Its a combination of several things, scientist have actually proven that it is easier for you to lose weight when you focus on intense workout for 10-15 mins.


You have people who practically live in the gym, long hours in the gym doesn’t actually help because it is counter productive. What a lot of these people do is that they tend to forget that their diet actually matters. So if you are in the gym and you are not eating right, you are just wasting your time.


The challenge a lot of people face is that they tend towards fad, when it comes to weight loss it is a very individual process.”


Another myth that a lot of people believe is that when you are on a weight loss diet, you have to avoid eating certain kinds of food, Kris also debunks this saying that it is the portions that matter not the class of food;

I personally am not a fan of dieting, because the ways diets are run now, you need to forego a certain type of food and it doesn’t make sense because every type of food has a purpose in the body. You end up depriving your body of that basic ingredient it needs for metabolism.


Another thing that people say is that when you eat fat it piles up in the body but that is not true.


When you are dieting its not about not eating a particular kind of food but about eating everything in the right proportion. On a daily base you need to watch the portions of what you eat; 60% protein, 20% fat 20%carbohydrate”


Another myth people believe is that you cant eat red meat when on weight loss, you can but pair it with other healthier kinds of meat.

In her final words she said do not deprive yourself of what you like. If you don’t like what you eat it will be easier for you to fall off the wagon.

Stay fit, eat health, and live healthy!

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