Menu -‘Chinese curry soup and rice’

‘Chinese curry soup and white rice’ prepared by Chef Tina Akpan in company of Mary on #WakeUpNigeria



– Chicken
– Grounded garlic and ginger
– Green pepper
– yellow pepper
– Red pepper
– Carrot
– Chili
– Spring onion
– Thyme
– Curry
– Seasoning cube
– Irish potato
– Cauli flower
– Margarine
– Sausages
– Corn flour
– Soy Sauce
– White onion
– Salt

To make the curry sauce,
– Put chicken in pot
– Add grounded ginger & garlic
– Add seasoning cubes
– Salt
– Onions(White)
– Add little water
Allow chicken to boil for 10-20 minutes
After chicken is cooked,
– Add vegetables (Carrot, Caulic flower, Irish potato, Sausage, Chili, Spring onion, White onions)
– Add the red, yellow & red pepper
– Add little margarine & Corn flour
Leave it to cook for 3 mins

To make the rice;                                                                                                                                                                                     – Boil rice in hot water for 10-20 mins

Cucumber boat salad;
– Cut cucumber into two
– Make a well in it
– Rub chicken in Mayonnaise
– Add carrot, tomatoes and spring onions

This can be served as a snack at parties


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