Try this ‘Cheesy Yam Porridge’ recipe

In the kitchen corner of today’s show #WakeUpNigeria, Chef Tosin in company of Mary prepared ‘Cheesy yam porridge’. See recipe below;



– Ginger (grated)
– Chicken
– Pepper
– Cameroun pepper
– Black pepper
– Basil leaves
– Barbeque spices
– Yam
– Carrot
– Spring onion
– Green pepper
– Onion
– Garlic (minced)
– Crayfish

For the chicken;
– Boil chicken with onions, salt, ginger, curry, thyme,
black pepper, barbeque spice & minced garlic)
PS: Don’t boil with too much water.
In another pot,
– Add oil, pepper and onions.
– Allow pepper thicken for about 5-10 mins
– Add chicken and stir fry.

For the porridge;

– Boil the yam
– Add Onions
After yam softens,
– Add vegetables (Carrot & spring onions)
– Add spices ( thyme, black pepper, basil, barbeque
spice, cameroun pepper)
– Add your seasoning cubes
– Add a little bit of ginger & curry
– Add a bit of chicken stock
– Add not too much vegetable oil
– Add cray fish
Allow it cook for like 3-5 mins and you are good to go.

The entire cooking process takes up to an hour.

– Lay the cheese on the porridge at the point of serving

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