#WakeUpNigeria: ‘Ofe Owerri’ Soup Recipe

‘Ofe Owerri’ is a popular soup from the eastern part of Nigeria, popular among the owerri people. Ofe” means soup while Owerri is the capital of Imo state.There is a belief among the owerri people that a poor man cannot eat this soup if he does not have money because of the assorted array of meat that goes into the soup. But you can prepare this soup in the little way you can.

Here is a list of ingridients to use in making ‘Ofe Owerri’ soup

-Meat (Assorted)
-Cocoyam (pink)
-Pumpkin leaves (Ugu)
-Afang leaves (Ukazi)
-Ogiri (locust beans)
-Periwinkles (optional)
-Dry Pepper
-Palm oil
-Seasoning cubes

Prep time -20mins
Cook time -50mins
Total cooking time – 1hr 10mins


-Boil meat with salt, seasoning cubes, onions & pepper till semi tender
-Wash stockfish with warm water & soak till its tender
-Peel & boil cocoyam till its soft
-Pound cocoaam in a morter or blend to puree
-Wash & slice Afang leaves and Ugu separately

Cooking Direction

-In the pot of assorted meat, add dry fish to the semi-tender meat
-Boil till they are tender to your taste
-Add salt, seasoning cube to your taste
-Add stockfish & crayfish, allow to simmer for 5mins
-Add dry pepper, red oil, ogiri, allow to mix properly
-Add enough water but be careful as you need your soup to be thickened by the cocoyam
-Add puried cocoyam in small bits into the protein mixture
-Reduce the heat and allow the cocoyam paste dissolve and thicken your stock
-taste & adjust to taste and add your periwinkles
-Add Afang leaves, simmer till you perceive its aroma
-Add your ugu leaves and simmer a little.

This soup goes well with semo, eba, wheat, pounded yam, fufu..


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