How to cook Ofe Akwu-palm-nut sauce #WakeUpNigeria

The Ofe Akwu (Banga Soup) is very easy to make and very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria, almost every ingredient used in Making this stew could be gotten from the farm, that is why it is a little bit easier for people in the rural areas while it remains difficult for people outside the country to find all the ingredients that are required.


Prep time- 40mins
Cook time- 45mins
Total time- 1hour 10mins


Palm nut cream
Assorted meats
Stock fish
Smoked fish
Beef stock
Ogiri Okepi
Scent leaf
Fresh Pepper
Cray Fish
Seasoning cubes


– Boil palm nuts and extract its cream
– Boil and season yout meats and stockfish till they are tender
– Wash scent leaves and keep aside


– Boil cream till it is thickened with visible signs of oil floating on top
– Add your ogiri okpei to the cream and allow it to fully dissolve
– Add your proteins to the cream
– Add pepper, crayfish, salt and seaoning cubes
– Allow to simmer for 3-5mins
– Taste for salt and seasoning cube to taste
– Add your sliced scent leaves
– Stir simmer a bit to allow the scent leaves permeate through the soup
– Turn off the heat

Ofe Akwu is ready
It is mostly enjoyed with white rice.

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