Meat delivery man beaten after attempting to rape 11 year old girl in Lagos

A meat delivery man has been dealt with after he made an attempt to rape an 11 year old girl at the home of his customer in Lagos.

According to reports, the man thought the teenage girl was the only one at home and so made an attempt at her. The little girl’s screams alerted her uncle who rushed to behold a shocking sight as the suspect had already torn the girl’s top while trying to rape her.

The suspect was immediately rounded off by the young girl’s uncle and other neighbours that flooded to the scene. He was thereafter beaten to pulp and made to pose for photos so he could be disgraced on social media

The man was later handed over to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, at the area.

The girl’s uncle took to Facebook to share pictures of the man’s face after the whole saga.

Below is what he wrote;

This fool happens to be our meat home delivery guy… today by 6pm he came on his normal weekly routine (delivering meat) thinking dat no body was at home tried to rape my niece (an 11 year old girl) i was quick to rush out wen i heard her shouting to my surprise i saw this guy tearing de little girls top …heaven let loose nd this is his new face..

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