Heartbreaking: South African dad throws daughter off the roof (see photos)

A south African man has been charged with attempted murder after throwing his six-month-old daughter off the roof.

In order to stop an illegal township from being demolished, the man threatened to carry out his threat of throwing his toddler from the room which he eventually did.

As the police begged him to put the daughter down so they could talk, the so desperate dad dangles his terrified and screaming one-year-old daughter by her ankle.

Protesters kept on chanting ‘throw, throw, throw’ unknowing to the father that officers were positioned beneath to catch the toddler in case the father actually let the little girl go.

The brave officer who approached the man on the roof, warned colleagues to be vigilant and as he approached the man, he threw his daughter down but fortunately, a police officer catches her.

The 38-year-old man on the roof is then tackled by three other officers, arrested and handcuffed and lowered to the ground.

He has been charged with attempted murder.

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