Food recipe for ‘Chicken stuffed pancake’ with Chef Dee

On the breakfast show today, We had our host Mike Mesikenor with Chef Dee in the kitchen to prepare, the delicious, ‘Chicken stuffed pancakes’. This meal is a perfect blend of protein and carbs to help keep you healthy. It is also a perfect choice for breakfast.

Follow these steps to get how it was done in the kitchen.

• Seasoning             • Flour
• Black pepper         • Salt
• Lemon                  • spring onions
• Onion                   • Eggs
• Oyster sauce         • Sugar
• Cinnamon             • Butter
• Garlic                   • Curry
• Ginger                  • Sugar
• Vegetable oil         • Chicken

For the pancakes:
• Pour flour in a bowl
• Add sugar, salt, egg and milk then start to whisk.
• Whisk your pancake mix to your desired consistency.
• Add water to make it lighter and mix gradually.
• Turn on the heat of the cooker.
• Place your pan on the cooker and add butter to glaze the
• Add a deep spoonful of the mix into the hot pan and allow
for about a minute before you flip.

For the Chicken:
• Pour litte vegetable oil in your pan.
• Put the chopped ginger, garlic and onions into the pan and
• Allow to fry for a few minutes.
• Then add the diced chicken (boneless chicken)
• Add your seasoning and oyster sauce and stir.
• Add other spices to the pan.
• keep stirring for about a minute.
• Once your chicken begins to get golden brown, turn off the

-After the chicken is well fried, wrap it in the pancake.

The chicken stuffed pancake is a perfect meal to serve your family for breakfast.It is a healthy meal with less oil content and
and more veggies.


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