Lady whose pant was removed by “pastor” reacts after photos went viral

Photos of a lady whose pant was taken off by a “pastor” have been making the rounds on social media.

According to reports, a ”pastor” removed a lady’s panties and shaved her armpit during a purported church service.

According to reports, the pastor called the lady in front of the congregation and revealed to her that some evil spirits that have been dealing with her hence her failure to secure a husband.

Social media went agog, and the pastor was bashed mercilessly for the embarrassing acts.

However, the lady involved has been identified as Ghanaian actress, Piesie Asamoah Gifty who has reacted to the viral report.

According to her, this pictures are from a movie ‘Pastor Blinks’ and never happened in a church.

She took to Facebook to share,

It a movie not a church as some people are saying, pls stop spreading false news Am an actress and it my work to give a practical education to the world Actress maame fante once told me acting is also in a form of spreading the word of God Basically,acting is just the practical aspect of evangelism..

Who knows?some church secretly might be going through if not same a similar situation And I strongly believe that every Christian who is having a similar experience, after watching the movie will come back to her/his senses. Instead of spreading false news to the world let help share the truth to save.

The movie is already on the market go grab a copy thank you Movie title “Pastor Blinks” Production name”Phens Multimedia” Role in the movie: church secretary Picture below is some of the behind the scenes of vs 3&4 of “pastor blinks”.

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