Presidential aspirant, Olasubomi Okeowo shares plan on making Nigeria better

The Nigerian Presidential elections is just around the corner. Ahead of  the upcoming 2019 Presidential elections, different candidates are beginning to come forth to show their interest in running for leadership. 

On Your View, Monday 21st May 2018 one of the Presidential aspirant, Mr Olasubomi Okeowo of The African Democratic Congress Party (ADCP) came on the show, stating his ideas and agenda ahead the general elections.

During the chat, The politician was asked why he thinks he has the qualifications to aspire to run for leadership.

He answered, ‘I’ve been an employer over the years, i Understand what people go through as a nation, and I could do better. I also thought within myself is it enough to set up a company and employ people or is it enough to get into active leadership and build the centre for us’.

According to him, ‘Leadership is not about speaking, its is about action’.

Politician, Olasubomi Okeowo on Your View discussing with the ladies his agenda for Presidency

He added that he isn’t interested in the perks of office as he owns a company and employs over thousands of people. Okeowo also pointed that he wouldn’t live in The Presidential Villa, Aso Rock if and when he wins the election and becomes President of Nigeria.

However Olasubomi Okeowo mentioned amongst his top plans for Nigeria, that he plans to set up 20 to 40 million units of houses all over the country, linking states by rail. He also has in his plans a strategy that can put the youths to work actively while taking care of the old in the nation. Hence, creating room to improve the living standards of the people.

Although it will take a while to improve the system of government and standard of living of the people, it can be done by ensuring that the basics for standard living are made very accessible (security, education, power supply, transportation).

Olasubomi Okeowo however is yet to acquire the tickets to run for President. He’s made plans by speaking to the people at the top of affairs for a chance to lead the people to greater and better life. Hopefully gets one to fulfill his dreams to help the country.

Watch full video of his interview below:

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