Pastor requests for plot of land in Magodo before deliverance

A Nigerian pastor and General Overseer of the  Freedom Foundation Apostolic Revival International Ministry (FARIM) church, Prophet Sam Ojo Lagos has come under fire after a video of his ministration and healing has gone viral. In the video, he requested a plot of land before performing a deliverance on a woman.

The said video was posted by Topaz Aya, who added caption on her timeline;

“End Time Church. Pastor cursing members, asking for 100 million, asking for land document from a poor lady, even wishing people death.

For once, I now believe in hypnosis. This is not normal”

In the said video, the pastor can be heard insisting that a woman should donate a piece of land before her child can receive permanent healing. Mr Ojo also spoke about a contract-seeking politician he once prayed for.

He added that, after the contract clicked, the man went to pay N100m tithe in another church. He revealed that he called the politician, who was also vying for a governorship post, and laid curse on him that no one in his family will ever become a governor.

Continuing, Prophet Sam said :
“If I use my anointing on you and you take my tithe to another church, your life will be destroyed.” He later told the woman that he doesn’t want a land in Sango, Ota, Ogun State, but in a highbrow place like Magodo”.

He then addressed those saying he isn’t God, telling them to go and meet God if they know his address.
The woman was only told to go and lay her hands on her child after promising to give Mr. Ojo a land.

Watch the video below:

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  • Tango
    March 26, 2019

    This is very serious, OMG!! what has these so called men of god turned Christianity into? He was even daring the Almighty God. God will surely take away his so called anointing.

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