Alleged Yahoo boy commits suicide (Graphic photos)

A young man identified as Mukoro Ovie Rex has reportedly stabbed himself to death over the adverse effects of alleged rituals carried out for fraudulent purposes.

According to reports shared on social media, Ovie who lives in Ughelli, Delta state, stabbed himself repeatedly with a broken bottle and refused to be stopped by concerned observers.

According to the report, as people tried to stop him from inflicting pains on himself, it only made him intensify the act.

Policemen however arrived the scene but on their arrival, the young man used the sharp edge of the broken bottle to slash his throat.

The reason for his action is still unknown, but people are of the opinion that he was probably a Yahoo boy suffering a spiritual problem brought on by the rituals done for the success of his Yahoo scam. Others say he was probably gay and suicidal.

Meanwhile, he has a companion who is seen with him in the picture below. Online users are already suggesting he be arrested and questioned.

Alleged Yahoo boy commits suicide (Graphic photos)

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