#WakeUpNigeria: Easy Recipe for ‘Ginger Pap and Beans Cake’

How To Prepare Fried Bean Cake( Akara) And Ginger Pap.
Akara, also known as Bean Cakes, Bean Balls, Bean Fritas or Acarajé in Portuguese is a Nigerian breakfast recipe made with beans.

Today on the #WakeUpNigeria Breakfast show, Chef Tina brought along with her easy and great cooking skills to show us how to make “Bean Cake” also known as ‘bean balls’, ‘bean fritas’ and locally known as “Akara” and Ginger Pap. The meal is fully nourishing and perfect for breakfast. Chef Tina added corned beef to the recipe for the akara which is different from the regular ones bought from outdoor vendors.
  • Ginger Pap
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Red pepper
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sugar
  • Corned beef

#WakeUpNigeria: Easy Recipe for ‘Ginger Pap and Beans Cake’

  • Soak your beans in warm water for no longer than 5 minutes to help make the washing of it easier and faster.
  • Remove the beans coat just before you make the Akara
  • After washing, using a very good blender, blend your beans with just little quantity of water to prevent it from being watery. Make sure its not too smoothly blended so as to make it a little firm.
  • Pour the blended beans into a bowl and whisk with a whisk.
  • NB: After whisking for a while, take a little quantity of the blended beans and put in water. If the blended quantity floats, it is ready for frying.
  • Next you add a little salt to taste then whisk
  • Add your diced onion and pepper to the puree to taste.
  • Finally add your corned beef and whisk.
  • In a deep frying pot, put some vegetable oil in it
  • Add a little onion to the oil to give it a nice flavor and taste
  • Then begin to fry your bean fritas
  • Allow to fry till its golden brown.
  • Take a flat plate, spread a serviette paper on plate(absorbs unnecessary oil from the bean cake), take out the already golden bean cake and put on the plate.

For the Ginger Pap:

  • Using a kettle, boil water for you Ginger Pap.
  • Put your already processed ginger pap in the bowl, add water in little quantities and mix until you have medium constituency with no lumps.
  • Once the water boils, pour it slowly but steadily in a circular motion into the bowl of pap and stir at the same time. Pouring the hot water slowly and stirring at the same is very important because this prevents lumps.
  • Once you see the mixture setting, stop stirring and reduce the flow of water you are pouring till the pap has completely set.
  • If it is too thick, add little hot water and stir again
  • Pour in a plate, add milk and sugar to your desired taste
  • Serve with the Akara and enjoy the meal

Akara can be served with pap or with fresh oven-baked bread.

Making Akara may seem likedifficult but with practice, you will perfect this recipe. If you do not get it right the first time, try again. Everybody has the same first time experience with trying new meals.


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