13 Nigerian Yahoo boys arrested in Philippines

The Philippines police arrested 13 Nigerians and a Filipino who allegedly is their accomplice and is behind an online scamming ordeal.

Aui Madrideo the Imus City Police Chief Superintendent said that the members of what he described as an “Online Syndicate” create fraudulent accounts with stolen pictures and profiles and pose as members of “The United States Military”.

13 Nigerians Yahoo boys arrested in Philippines

One of the group members Emmanuel Nnandi, was arrested during an operation in a money transfer outlet in Barangay Tanzang Luma 2 on sunday about 7;30pm. Nnandi led the police to the remaining group members where the police later found out that they all came into the country using student visas.
It was further uncovered that the allegedly same group faced complaints in Pasay City and Las Pinas City before they moved down to Cavite Province. The security are in the process of filing a case of “Syndicated Estafa” against the suspects.
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