#EndSARS: SARS has become cancerous – Segun Awosanya

The #ENDSARS campaign has not dropped in recent times as Nigerian citizens keep sharing their encounter with the Special Anti Robbery Squad.

Most videos/stories shared on social media are highly unpleasant and the youths use the social media space to lament the end of this anti robbery squad.

Discussing the #ENDSARS ON TVC’s entertainment show, Your View, the ladies had the convener #ENDSARS #REFORMPOLICENG, Segun Awosanya on the show.

It was established by Nyma and Jumoke that when SARS was established to fight crime in the society, it benefited the people – there was reduction in the rate of crime but as time went on, the anti robbery squad took advantage of their position of power on citizens.

The question is are the security agents suppose to protect lives or harass its citizens?

However, Nyma asked that why #EndSARS and why not emphasis on the reforming of the police sector?

Segun replied; “SARS has become cancerous” sighting a woman who has cancer.

“When a woman has cancer, you do not culture the cancer just because you don’t want to cut off the breast, or because you want to keep her shape. You don’t culture cancer! So sars has become cancerous because of the inaction of the government, lack of care and negligence of the government. AND BECAUSE OF THE LENGTHENED NEGLIGENCE OF THE GOVERNMENT, IT HAS BECOME A metastasize CANCER AFFECTING THE POLICE ITSELF.

Segun further explains that he never says #ENDSARS alone, he also calls for the reformation of the police system – #REFORMPOLICENG

“One is an objective and the other is an end goal. The end goal is to reform the police system.” SARS is not a programme that was not even created by law, it was an Ad Hoc programme. So you must ask yourself a question; who are those benefiting from this imbroglio? And those benefiting from the imbroglio will never let it end.”


Watch video below from 15:18 minutes.


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