YourViewTVC: Anyone promoting #ENDSARS might not mean well for the nation- CSP Dolapo Badmos

The #ENDSARS is an advocacy against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit under the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), which has been going on for a while within the country.
The campaign has intensified as many are standing up to fight against SARS harassment anytime and anywhere. SARS have allegedly swayed from protecting citizens to dehumanizing citizens.It is unbelievably true as many Nigerians have stories that show SARS engage in unlawful arrest, extortion and even humiliation.

However, a petition has been signed to #ENDSARS by over 30,000 people. The campaign to map out SARS has now moved from social media to the streets of Nigeria.

The CSP Dolapo Badmos, Police PPR Zone 2 Command, Lagos and Ogun state though under the Police Force, called in on the show YourViewTvC to provide information and updates on what the NPF has done to curb or end SARS in Nigeria. She began by breaking the difference between the NPF and the Police Force abroad as ealier compared by Coverner, Segun Awosanya #ENDSARS #REFORMPOLICENG.

According to him,

“In the country where they are called Police States, Police states because law and order is prioritized to the point where every officer on the road has dedicated their lives to ensuring there is law and order in the country ” “But when we come down here people are readjusting themselves because you could be seen as a suspect”.

In her response, she said:

“The police has suffered a lot under the military rule, their welfare, provision for their logistics can it be compared to the ones abroad?”.

She continued by saying that the Nigeria Police is on manual policing while the Police force abroad are on automatic policing.

Speaking on the issue of #ENDSARS, she added that,

“Anyone that is promoting the issue of #ENDSARS might not mean well and they may know”.

To stop the killing of innocent lives by SARS officials, She said videos should be brought up to support their agitation.

According to CSP Dolapo Badmos, they are over 3,000 SARS officials all over Nigeria and she went on to throw a question.

She said:
If we have some of them misbehaving does it mean that all of them are misbehaving? Does it mean that all of them are not doing well? And why must must we now say we must end a department that will go all the way out to make people, lives and property protected”

However, the leadership of the Nigerian Force have been listened to all agitation of this angle and have done alot, there is no cover up for the SARS by the Nigeria Police Force.

Basically, she revealed that one cant just decide to #ENDSARS because if there is an issue, there will no one to handle it as SARS are trained officials to handle such crimes. Further added saying:

“I agree there are excesses but we are fixing it and we want everyone to partner with us”

The End SARS campaign however is still on and campaigners have threatened to go on protest if the government fails in scrapping SARS.

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