#WakeUpNigeria: ‘Having the right mindset for selling’ with Business Expert, Iyore Ogbuigwe

Having the right mindset for selling -Business Expert, Iyore Ogbuigwe.

A mind set is a fixed mental attitude that determines and interprets what happens to you. Actions and attitude go a long way in a selling environment. Nothing replaces hardwork and innovative thinking. Having the ability to be value-driven and develop good relationship management will help more than ever.

When we are talking about mind set you need to know the mindset about yourself. You’ll succeed in direct proportion to your willingness to focus.

There are three areas you need to focus on when you talk about mind set.

First, What is the mindset about yourself?

As a business owner or salesperson you have to have self belief. Research has shown that high performance across every industry in the world today have high level of self belief and the right mind about themselves. This according to Sales and the Business expert, is the first area to consider.

What is the mindset about your product?

An excellent sales person will sell mediocre products better and faster more profitably than a mediocre person will sell an excellent product, sometimes it is not about the product, it is all about how you can persuade the prospects. Fall in love with the product and imagine you had to use the product, then you would know the techniques to use for selling. People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.  Touch the true emotional nerve and you will sell. Focus on the key things a prospect would want. Selling is a business of emotions.

“A product may not totally help someone a 100% but at least it can solve a part of the problem”. –  Iyore Ogbuigwe.


What is the mind set about your prospect?

Prospect don’t buy based on price but they buy based on value. Once value can be emphasized, price will always become cheap.

According to Iyore Ogbuigwe, if the value of a product is not seen, you cannot show others.
He also mentioned that the proof of understanding your product is simplicity of communication.

He concluded by saying, “price mentioned before value has been understood, is a sale lost. Always be in charge”

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