You can’t get a better leader than President Buhari – Kenneth Okonkwo to Igbo people

Nollywood actor cum politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has called on fellow Igbo people to support Buhari in the upcoming 2019 Presidential election if they don’t plan on suffering. 

The Nollywood actor who is ready to contest for the Governorship seat of Enugu state, has said he’s an ambassador to good governance and he’s following president buhari because he’s committed to good governance.

“I am following President Buhari and I make no apologies for that! As the ambassador of good governance, take it home, you can’t get a better person than President Muhammadu Buhari.”

We have the history of power grabbers in Nigeria, if you don’t give them power, they will leave you. They left PDP to APC because they wanted to grab power.”

“If the South East shall support any other person for the presidency, they are going to spend the next eight years in the wilderness. It hs been agreed that it is their turn after President Buhari. Our slogan is Ndigbo for Presidnet Buhari 2019 and then Presidnet Buhari for Ndigbo 2023” he said

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