#WakeUpNigeria: Homemade Poundo Oat with Vegetable Sauce

#WakeUpNigeria: Homemade Poundo Oat with Vegetable Sauce

#WakeUpNigeria breakfast show brings you the best food recipes for your kitchen moments. Amazingly, we had Chef Wunmi of Wumy Cakes show how versatile and creative she could be in the kitchen.

Chef Wunmi took us through this easy process of making “Poundo Oat with Vegetable sauce,” a typical source of protein fibre and little carbohydrate.

“Poundo Oat with Vegetable sauce” is an healthy meal that is made in minutes, quite easy to make and easy to digest. See easy recipe below:

Ingredients :-

  • Palm oil
  • Onions
  • Maggi
  • Ugwu  (vegetable)
  • Salt
  • Poundo oat flour
  • Grated pepper
  • Locust beans
  • Kpomo
  • Stocked fish
  • Roasted fish
  • Blended crayfish

#WakeUpNigeria: Recipe on how to prepare Poundo Oat served with Vegatable Sauce

Procedures on how to make:

  • Slice and wash Vegetables, at least three times.
  • Add palm oil into a hot pot to bleach for 5 mins
  • Add locust beans into the hot palm oil
  • Add your grated pepper
  • Leave for about 15 mins to steam
  • Add seasoning, (Mr Chef seasoning preferably) and salt. Make sure you taste so as to know the salt level
  • Leave for another 5 mins to steam
  • Add crayfish,chopped kpomo, stock fish, roasted fish
  • Vegetable should always come last to add in order to leave it crunchy

Procedures on how to make your sauce;

  • Add palm oil in an heat up pot
  • Leave for a while to bleach
  • Add chopped onions to the oil
  • Pour the grated pepper in the hot oil, leave for 15 mins to steam
  • Add little crayfish, salt, maggi to taste
  • In another pot, boil your meat in it, add chopped onions, salt and maggi
  • Leave it for 10mins to get soft
  • When its soft enough, add the meat into the sauce

To make Poundo Oat:

  • Heat up a water in a cooking pot
  • When its boiling, add your poundo oat flour
  • Stir continuously till it’s solid enough to your taste.
  • Serve your Poundo Oats and Vegetable Sauce

#WakeUpNigeria: Recipe on how to prepare Poundo Oat served with Vegatable Sauce


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