Toyin Lawani Flaunts Boobs In Bathtub Photos

Toyin Lawani Flaunts Her Boobs In Bathtub Photos

Famous fashion and business mogul,Toyin Lawani, has sent tongues wagging as she bared her boobs in a new seductive photo.

The celebrity stylist designer and mother o two went completely topless as she soaked her self in a bath tub where she managed to barely cover her nipples with her hands, in the picture.

Toyin Lawani was seen glowing beautifully in the post which was aimed at promoting a skin care product.

Toyin Lawani Flaunts Her Boobs In Bathtub Photos

She captioned the picture:

“Don’t be that lady that always put off the light when its time to go down.
Don’t be that woman that when your bobo open your dress it’s kuruno he will pa de,you want him to go down on you without your laps discouraging him to do Abijawara bi ekun,you want you pumpumsi to be popping, some naughty men like looking inside to look for their lost car keys or the stolen watch the lost inside,make sure your laps don’t have dutty wine on him,,your inner butt shouldn’t have Pizza Hut burns due to rubbing together daily,your Armpit should be popping when you lift it.

This Herbal magic potion is the solution to all your private problems,it’s even good for Body odor ,for people who have over bleached their skin, some people smell like dead meat when they walk into a room.

Even perfumes won’t help,Good for pregnant women and safe for their unborn ,this @tiannahsglowproducts Herbal magic potion can help repair your skin beyond recognition,blend your skin with natural herbal remedies from in and out,use a product that work wonders,passed on from 20yrs back to this generation ,Call / Whatsapp 09061100061 for yours .Dont say I didn’t tell you so,grab it at 40percent now till 27th of August”






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