Vconnect makes Insurance available for users

Insurance is an important part of the Vconnect platform, Head, Vconnect SME Sales, Vishal Tulsiani told Yomi Owope on Monday on TVC’s Entertainment show.

Insurance which is a form of risk management and a means of financial loss is a sector which Vconnect has made available for users. The insurance which is accessible on the Vconnect website – ranges from Real estate insurance, car, travel medical and more.

“We all know we require insurance for ourselves and our properties – It could be real estate insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance, car insurance. So we have onboarded different insurance professionals on our platform. What we are doing now is, you can come and fill a form on Vconnect, and the insurance professionals get back to you with a quotation. You don’t have to be penny wise pound foolish – If you’re investing let’s say, N10,000 – N20,000 on health insurance, you know that you have the benefit of it. If you fall sick, you can always claim it back.” Vishal TOLD YOMI

Talking about services provided on the Vconnect platform, The CEO of Solar king industries, Engineer, Justice Ekeke revealed why he came on board with Vconnect.

Before vconnect, we used fliers, radio and word of the mouth. But now, it’s easy to get a lead via the vconnect dashboard.

Solar king industries a company which is into solar energy, inverter batteries has helped greatly with the issue of electricity in Nigeria.

“Because of the electricity CHALLENGES of Nigeria, solar energy cannot be empahsised. Do they do for small businesses? Yes. They supply whatever is required per business scale and that the business owner can afford.”- Engn ekeke said

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