I can’t leave a man because he’s unfaithful – Yeni Kuti

Comfort is a huge driving force in every relationship. We have heard of different cases of several women who prefer to marry an unfaithful but ‘Rich’ man, whereas, some women will not hear of the word ‘unfaithfulness’ and would rather marry a man who is poor and faithful.

The conversation on TVC’s chat fest show, Your View, was open for both viewers and the ladies of Your View to weigh in.

Yeni Kuti who was on the couch with Morayo, Mariam and Jumoke said she’s being realistic and according to her, there’s no faithful man.

In her explanation, whether he’s discrete or open about it, she from the school of thought that says; “Men are unfaithful”

While the ladies laughed about it, Yeni expressed her views without holding back.

“I come from the school of thought, I don’t believe any man can be faithful. If he is, better for me, if he’s not, there’s no shock.

I will not leave a man because he’s unfaithful, I will leave a man if he embarrasses me.

The men that are even faithful, they have tied their will. Yeni further insinuated that such faithful men might have “eaten efor (vegetable)” – meaning he’s being charmed or under a spell.

Since Yeni believes in this school of thought, she thinks it’s easy to condone men.

“If I hear my partner is unfaithful, I will sad but I will not leave him, because I love him – not be I think he’s doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I’m only being realistic.”

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