Linda Ikeji fires staff accused of rape

Linda Ikeji has fired her staff who was accused of rape!

Few days back, a TV presenter and model, Emilia Samuel accused a filmaker working for Linda Ikeji, Theo Ukpaa of rape.

Emilia claimed he raped her at a tender age.

Here’s what happened to me years back, I forgot about it partially and I ran into his page last week when he got married and the memories came back. He was working at @soundcityafrica as at when it happened and he presently works at @officiallindaikeji please kindly read before you judge and I know most models can attest to this.

According to her, the film maker took advantage of her naivety and preyed on her innocence when he raped and dis-virgin her. She had applied for the Spice pageant at Soundcity at age 16 and made it to the final 3. What should have been a reward for her became the start of a new abusive relationship. Theo violated and abused her severally, blackmailing her with her nude pictures which he took forcefully.
Emilia, now married with two kids, had almost forgotten about the film maker, until he recently got married. She went ahead to drop comments of rape under his pictures which he kept on deleting. The action caused her to tell her story.

she started by posting a picture with captioned,

“You can keep deleting my comment,my silence all these years does not mean i did not know what to do.Get ready is gonna happen soon!”

See her posts below:



Though some online users berated her for waiting this long to come out with her story, but the latest development to the story is that Linda Ikeji has relieved him of his job.

Statement from Linda Ikeji reads:

I personally wanted to let everyone know that Theo Ukpaa, who was Head of Programmes at Linda Ikeji TV is no longer a staff of the company. His job with my company was terminated on Monday August 27th just a day after I read the heartbreaking story of Emilia Samuel.

The general public is therefore advised not to transact any business with him in the name of Linda Ikeji TV as anyone who does it, does so at his/her own risk.

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