Davido makes shocking revelation on how his dad sent 50 policemen to arrest him

Davido hosted on popular breakfast show with CharlamangeThagod makes shocking revelation on how his dad,Β Adedeji Adeleke sent 50 policemen to arrest him because he wasn’t in support of his career initially.

“I remember the first show, I was upstairs in the green room, and was about to come down, I looked down and there were like 50 policemen. Back then they took my ex, they arrested her, they took my road manager, they arrested the promoter.

“I remember I went through the back fence, was running. I picked up the phone and my dad was like, if you don’t come to the police station, all your friends are going to jail. I got to the police station and the policeman’s phone starts ringing and it was my song playing. He let us go at some point,” he said.

According to Davido, it wasn’t easy for him then because his dad wanted him to finish school and join the family business.

Fast forward to when Davido’s dad started to buy into his music career was when his dad saw the massive appreciation he was getting not just from fans but presidents, billionaires(father’s friends).

Luckily for the singer, he was able to convince his dad to chase his dreams and today, he’s know all over the world.

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