Marriage should be a 2-day conversation – Nyma

There is a common belief among us that Love should/must be a determining factor in marriage. But there are so many instances of people getting married to those they actually do not love with the hope that love will grow after marriage. There is also an instance of dating each other for donkey years, but getting married to someone you just met in few months. So this was up for debate on TVC’s chat fest show, Your View –  Is Marriage the ultimate act of love or convenience?

Commenting on the Hot Topic, Nyma believes that before getting married, a man or a woman should have her desired kind of partner already in mind so when you meet the right or wrong person, you’re able to detect.

According to her, conversations of marriage should be a 2-day conversation. In buttressing her point, Nyma said;

“When your mates are writing Jamb, face jamb, when your mates are in the university, face the university. Don’t tell your parents you’re in the university and you’re still trying to chop life and date guys. If you want to have fun, have fun on your own account! WHEN you’re ready for MARRIAGE, you take serious notice of the guys in view. Don’t go and be having a conversation getting to know somebody in 9 years.”

Reacting to Nyma’s comment on Marriage being a 2-day conversation, Tope said;

“That’s is why we have issues in marriage. You marry and then the husband says you cannot work. you don’t know the kind of person he is because they had a 2-day conversation”


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