DJ Cuppy insulted over Independence day message

Angry Nigerians throw tantrums at DJ Cuppy for calling Nigeria a great country on Independence day on her twitter handle.

The celebrity Disc Jockey and music producer celebrated Nigeria on Independence day with a tweet that reads,

‘today, we experience the joy and pride of being called NIGERIANS! The greatest nation’.

Cuppy’s tweet

A certain @kingwole on his response to the tweet thinks the country is doing badly and does not deserve to be called a great nation; he also thinks DJ Cuppy is insensitive with her statements. His comment reads:

I’ll say this real quick, calling Nigeria “the greatest nation”, especially when you’re in the 0.5% mega privileged bracket, is an insult to every Nigerian who has to suffer every single day because of the REAL and unnecessary challenges they face.
I get really angry every year when October 1 comes around because what you see is Nigerians who refuse to say the truth about what a messed up country it really is.
How do you go about fixing something if you don’t admit it’s faulty? Are you not tired of these stupid lies?
People are struggling to eat, more families are sliding into poverty on a daily basis than one can even imagine, going out to work and coming back home is a miracle, the President and people around him are too busy focusing on re-election to worry about anything else…
I don’t care who gets offended by this. Someone close to her has to start talking to her about this shit. She’s always coming across as insensitive.

@kingwole’s comment

@kingwole’s tweet

@kingwole’s tweet

However, others feel sick over people insulting and attacking DJ Cuppy and her sister over every little thing because they are from a privileged family.

Brown’s tweet

Wale’s tweet

Is Nigeria really a great Nation?… Food for thought.

  • Tia
    February 16, 2019

    Quite true. When we have families like the Otedola’s who on the daily enjoy Nigeria’s money especially considering the fact that lots of people are suffering. I mean think about it, we have a multitude of Nigerian children that need to be helped and instead of helping their country to make it better they are supporting those in UK. Now I’m not saying the UK kids don’t need help too but seriously it’s your country. I’m pretty sure part of the Otedola’s money can make up for a lot of the mess we are facing. And besides I won’t blame her for saying Nigeria is great since she’s enjoying a “great”portion of “it”,
    I’m just saying

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