Toke Makinwa will buy herself a man if she knows where to buy

Media personality and best selling author, Toke Makinwa will buy herself a man if there places where they are sold.

Toke responding to nosy twitter users who keep reminding her of her single status, took to twitter yesterday, October 2nd to shut down the constant reminders she gets.

She shared:

All of you people on twitter constantly telling me to go and find husband or go and marry need to complete your tweet with where they sell them.

She had earlier tweeted the following:

Today, in my thirties, the complete one for me doesn’t have to be rich, but he has to be able to take care of me she #Thecompleteone share yours? Your complete man should be…

When I was younger the list of my ideal man consisted of Tall, dark and handsome. I’m sure every girl had that list. How market????

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