Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter talks about having sex before marriage

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter, Carissa, has shared some interesting details about her relationship with new husband, Philip.

According to her, they were just friends up until they got married. She revealed in a recent interview.

In a question and answer session on Instagram, Carissa confirmed that  she and her Ghanaian husband, Phillip Frimpong never had sex before they got married.

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The newlyweds speaking in a recent interview about how they met and how their relationship has been prior to their wedding. The couple revealed that they both prayed for a partner that listens to God and He answered their prayers.

Speaking on what attracted them to each other, Philip had this to say:

“I wanted and had always declared for a woman that will be useful to the things of God and following in God’s plan and purpose for my life and that is exactly who Sharon is. I wanted someone who will be able to listen to God because if she can listen to God, she will be able listen to God in our marriage also and as regarding our family and Sharon always listens.”

Sharon had this to say: “I wanted to marry someone who trusted God completely and will be an amazing leader cos obviously, he has to be able to lead me rightly and Phil is just that!”

On how they met, the couple revealed it was in Christ Embassy, UK: Phillip:

“I met Sharon in Christ Embassy in UK in 2013 when Pastor Chris was ministering on a higher life conference. She was walking past me and then I greeted her.”


Sharon: He walked up to me after I had finished ministering and he asked me questions, about something i ministered on and that was it, we began talking all the way and developed an organic beautiful relationship. He has been my best friend since then. I am so grateful for having him in my life, because many times i wonder, how my life would have turned out without him. He is a Man with many amazing qualities and i love him so so so much. He is just so incomparable. Speaking on how he feels about being with Carissa, Philip was filled with optimism about spending the rest of his life with the love of his life: “From the first time I met Sharon, deep down inside, I knew i will be her husband and that we will spend the rest of our lives together…just the thought of her, melts my heart, i love her so much and We are going to show the world and set a standard and inspire others not by words but by action that it is possible to have a beautiful marriage and how beautiful it is to have God in a marriage.”

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