Understanding The Essence Of Humble Beginning- Fola-Daniel Adelesi

There are different stories or explanations for the growth or success, but there is one thing you can learn from successful people and successful companies, is that they started small but they had a bigger vision.

The challenge for a lot of people today is that when we go about our lives, we interact with so many “big” things and we forget or don’t even know how they originally started.

It’s difficult to understand how the evolutionary process of products and brands contributes and is vital to what they are today. We also all have big aspirations and want to get there fast.

Development Coach and book author, Fola-Daniel Adelesi in a 7 minnutes chat with TV hOST, Yomi Owope on TVC’s breakfast show, Wake Up Nigeria, talked about “Understanding The Essence Of Humble Beginning”

Fola Daniel explaining what has changed over time as it used to be a norm that people start small and experience the process of progress, revealed that whatever we do now is judged by the materialistic things you can acquire and we have failed to see success from the way we impact lives.

“We live in a very materialistic world where your success, your progress, whatever it is that you do in life is judged by the materialistic things that you are able to acquire.”

Yomi raised a very important point. He said;

This is the 21st century and you have seen severally people, maybe your age or even younger, especially those in the tech world. They start with a new idea, develop an app and suddenly you start making money and you are worth a billion dollars.

Yomi cited Mark Zuckerberg as an example and he says he thinks this is why young people are thinking of starting BIG!!!

We must remember that just like moving around town, we may all start off at the same point but we are not going to arrive at the same time. Fola Responded.

 Things will not happen for everybody the same way. He added.


  1. Have a clear plan on paper.
  2. Stick with the plan (Note: Don’t be rigid)

The most important thing about humble beginning is; Go at your pace and grow at your pace. “If you do this, you will never get into trouble and you will have peace of mind.” Fola Daniel concluded.

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