Justin Bieber ‘is not over’ Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber still has feelings for his ex Selena Gomez despite being married to Hailey Baldwin. a source tells E news.

Selena reportedly broke down and was thrown “off guard” by Justin Bieber’s marriage to Hailey Baldwin and it’s reported that this is hitting Bieber really hard.

“They have both had emotional struggles and bonded over that in the past,” a source says, adding that Justin “feels bad” about his ex.

An E! source also reports that “Justin and Selena are not in touch but him hearing the news about Selena definitely upsets him. Justin also feels guilty. He wants to help everyone. He truly wants Selena to be happy, and it’s upsetting to know she’s battling health issues.”

This news comes after a People report that Justin isn’t over Selena:

“This was his first great love and while he was young and traveling around the world as a superstar, he learned a great deal from her.”

The source says that Gomez’s health struggle is taking a toll on Bieber. Gomez, who was hospitalized twice in the last few weeks for a low white blood cell count, recently entered dialectical behavior therapy after suffering a panic attack during her second hospitalization.

“He was extremely upset over what has happened to Selena,” the music source explains. “He feels like she is part of his life and he wants her to be happy and healthy.” People reports.

Bieber was spotted last week looking extremely sad while leaving his church, and the next day he was seen crying in Hailey Baldwin’s car.

“He may or may not have made a mistake with his recent marriage but he was extremely upset over what has happened to Selena,” People’s source said. “He feels like she is part of his life and he wants her to happy and healthy.”

Bieber and Gomez dated on-and-off for about three years, but broke up in 2014. Theysparked romance rumors back in November 2017 when they were spotted kissing at one of his hockey games. A few months later in March, they decided to take some time apart from each other. Not long after that, he was spotted hanging out with his now-fiancée (perhaps wife), Hailey Baldwin.

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