If I can find my exact husband in my next life, I will marry again – Beecee Ugboh

Report has it that fewer people are getting married in developed countries and there is also a trend of trying to delay marriage, divorce rates are high in conservative countries. Why do people have to get married when they can change partners in months. The question is in this dispensation, how relevant is marriage?

Nigerian rapper and Co-host of Your View, Obiajulu Ugboh aka Beecee who celebrated her 10th year wedding anniversary on Thursday, 18th of October, said she is willing to marry in her next life if only she finds her exact husband.

To Beecee getting married to her husband has been so sweet and enjoyable and the journey looks shorter than 10 years. In her words:

“It’s my 10th year wedding anniversary today, 10 years ago i walked down the isle and i said i do to the best thing, the best man that has ever existed in the universe and he has loved me so much, he has taken care of me. if i come again, i will choose him as my husband. I’m just grateful to God because its not easy,having to go through marriage sometimes we all come and show the glam and everything but then it takes a lot of work, COMMITMENT and the grace of God to stay strong. I don’t feel like i’m 10 years i feel like i just met him”.

Tope who happened to be the make-up artist for Beecee when she got married 10 years ago, confirmed that both couples had been in love from day one.

“One thing i could say from day one is that there was love, there was so much love, it was sharking everybody.

Speaking on the relevance of marriage, Beecee said;

“The way you view marriage is how relevant it is to you. You need to ask yourself if you can be happy outside marriage or in marriage because the institution of marriage is not the problems but us… Marriage is about commitment, the morals in the society is decreasing day by day that people want to live their LIVES anyhow without accountability. They want to move from one partner to the other…That is not helping us build a better society.

Tope asked if given the opportunity, is she going to get married in her next life.

Beecee responds:

“If i can find my exact husband, i will marry again, if i cannot find him, i will stay on my own. My life wouldn’t have taken this path if i had not met my husband because everything i am today is because i have that guy and i’m still going to become more. If Beecee is an artist today is because i had somebody who saw the diamond in the mud nobody saw it, my parents did not even see it”.

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