It’s a curse to use proceeds from prostitution to feed your child – Nyma Akashat

A debate currently trended on social media, where a guy asked the question; Is a woman a prostitute if she sleeps with another man to pay her children’s school fees?

Considering the fact that the realities of hardship is faced by so many, most families can’t take good care of their families.

However, there are options of seeking a menial job, living your life based on what you earn and more. The debate raised on social media, saw people on different sides of the divide. This led to the Hot Topic on TVC’s chat fest show, Your View.

To what extent should a woman go to cater for her family?

A Co-host of the show, Nyma who is from the Muslim religion, decided she wasn’t going to speak from the religious side, but from the African side of things.

Nyma speaking in support of what Beecee said, explained that it’s totally wrong and in fact a taboo for a woman to sleep around to feed her children.

“It’s wrong and totally unacceptable for an african woman to resort to prostituting to feed your children. Where I’m from in Edo state, it’s a curse to use such proceeds to feed your children.

You see our mothers, you had a good life, you’ve been pampered by your husband but things turn around, he dies. That doesn’t mean you turn yourself into a prostitute overnight, but you still raise your children.”

Her point was debated as Mariam and Tope who tried to see things from the another perspective opined that sometimes it isn’t easy as it’s said. Most women find themselves in desperate situations that they wouldn’t want to sit down and judge such a woman.

Mariam and Tope raised valid points;

Tope: What if they have no option other than sleeping with someone?

Mariam said; “Not too long ago, we talked about women in the IDP camps who cannot feed themselves and their children until they find someone they can sleep with who’s in charge of the store room.”

Watch video to see the heated discussion from 15:38 minutes;


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