Benefits and importance of Mr Chef Iodine salt

Mercy Johnson-Okojie was on Your View talked about the benefits and importance of Mr Chef Iodine salt.

The actress who’s a brand ambassador of Mr Chef, revealed that aside the fact that she’s a brand ambassador, Mr Chef is the best salt currently selling in the market.

The discussion was to commemorate the World Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) which is observed every year on 21st October.

Iodine deficiency disorders have become a major public health problem worldwide and the aim of IDD, is to generate awareness of the adequate use of iodine and to highlight the consequences of iodine deficiency.

Mercy Johnson speaking on how passionate she is about the health of people and the deficiencies that comes with lack of iodine, she said that health is very important when it comes to being a wife and a mother, in her words:

“i have three Children, so it’s extremely important that their health is everything to me. Now about the iodine deficiency disorder, the major problem we have as a country, as a people is education, awareness, information. People do not have this information that iodine is an element that the body does not produce. it’s reliant on your intake – what you eat is what helps your thyroid hormones to produce P3 and P4.”

On the symptoms of Lack of Iodine Mercy said you will realize that your neck begins to swell The goiter, fatigue, in children it causes cretinism, miscarriages in pregnant women, still birth and host of others.

Veronica asked how Mr Chef has helped to inform people about this issue in Nigeria:

Mercy responded that in numerous ways:

“Mr chef salt comes in sachet well sealed well processed, it has 40 percent more Iodine than the regular salt, so when you use Mr Chef salt, you are actually solving a problem known and unknown to you. Even though they get it closest to you, they also quarterly educate people on the need for you not to just go to the market and pick up any salt and walk away.”

Mercy talked about why the deficiency of Iodine is more common with pregnant; She stated:

” Which ever way we look at it, it always takes us back to the beginning which is Education and awareness. Most women understand, yes i need calcium but they do not know that they need Iodine. they do not know that your body does not produce Iodine, they do not know that what you take in is what help the thyroid hormone to produce the P3 and P4.


For pregnant women its more important when you have a deficiency in Iodine it goes down because you are pregnant and what you need as a daily intake varies based on people…If you do not do that, you not only affect the pregnancy it affects the fetus, you see two people are suffering for one mistake”.

Mercy Johnson continued as she explains how the use of Mr Chef Iodized salt can help solve or prevent people from the deficiencies of Iodine. she said:

” You don’t just go to the market and pick up any salt, not because i’m a brand ambassador Mr Chef salt has 40 percent more Iodine than most other so why go for another when you can pick up the one you are certain would give you what you need as a person to be healthy”.

On the fulfillment of being a brand ambassador Mercy Johnson-Okojie mentioned that working with Mr Chef is extremely rewarding and gives her an opportunity to reach out to the society. In her words:

“Two things, it is extremely rewarding but i think that the essence of every human being is to make an impact in your environment and if you don’t make an impact you are a working corps… As a mum and a wife, its also important for us to ensure that we live right and live healthy”


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