I will get married to the man of my dreams, not that of the society – Rita Dominic

Nollywood award winning actress, Rita Dominic, 43 has revealed her struggle getting married even though she found someone recently, but turned out sour.

While the society sees it as a taboo to be single at her age, the star actress isn’t in a haste to get married for the society, but for her comfort and pleasure.

Speaking on TVC’s Your View – a chat-fest show, Rita reacted to a question asked by one of the hosts, Tope.


Tope asked; In Nigeria, as Africans we feel that a woman’s success isn’t complete until she’s married and with children. What has been the pressure concerning being married and why hasn’t it happened?

Reacting to the question, Rita said;

“At the end of the day, if I’m going to do it, i’m doing it for myself not that the society wants me to do it. I always will still say; I will marry the man of my dreams and not the man the society dreams for me.

“Society feels there’s something wrong with you if you’re a certain age and you’re not married. What if it’s the society something is wrong with? For forcing someone to do what they don’t want to do?”

The actress who must have been in a toxic relationship, revealed she almost got married but for some reasons it didn’t work out. Aitaccording to her, she’s happy it didn’t work out.

Speaking further based on her experience with people, she said it’s impossible for someone to change a grown up man or woman.

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